Mi nombre es Stephen Fitzgerald. I often go by Monovich. I’m a freelance craftsman in the worlds of design and motion. I’m interested in doing good work with good people and letting the dominoes fall where they will. I work with other mograph studios, agencies, end clients, and anything in-between. I’ve won bunches of naval-gazing design awards, but these days I strive to avoid the pretentious artist/designer cliche, instead focusing on the goal of happy clients and quality visuals.

I’ve participated at senior creative levels in broadcast and cable network launches and redesigns, show opens and packages, and commercials. As the lines between motion and interactive design blur, I work more and more with clients to create smart visuals for the interactive experience.

Context is king, and I tailor my skillset to whatever brands present themselves to me.

I can be contacted directly via email (steve (at) monovich (dot) com)

or phone (213.804.7160)

twitter @mono_fitz