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Sony Bravia Globe

Nice Shoes needed a hand developing a stylized globe representing enhanced TV features of it’s Bravia line. Monovich pitched in with this shiny little orb:

My good friends at Team Exergy (whom Monovich officially sponsors) asked for a few teeshirt designs for this year. Once again its the small projects that sometimes end up being more fun than some of the big ones.

2000 Strong asked for some exploratory work for the sports network The Score. The Score wanted something atypical: No crashing helmets, no robots, no huge 3d logo towers, etc. This project was an interesting exercise, and the result was a simple “S” logo that could take on the characteristics of the sport it was representing.

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Mom n’ Pops

Sometimes designing for rah rah rah big brands and big campaigns is great, but other times designing a box for your parent’s bakery is equally rewarding, especially when the box is filled with cookies.

yay. cookies!

yay. cookies!

For my recent Christmas Card to Friends, I used a technique for the snow globe animation that may never have seen the light of day if not for the beauty of collaboration. I discovered the technique, became excited by the possibilities while I experimented with it, then quickly stuffed it into a folder because I didn’t know where to go with it. It took the unexpected arrival of a song by my friend Grant Harold to get things rolling again.

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What is a brand?

I was thinking about this the other day (as I mowed my lawn). I distilled it as far down as I could and this is where I landed:

A brand is a set of expectations that a consumer maintains about a product or service.

Does your brand meet your consumer’s expectations?
How do you shape the expectations that are created for your brand?
Much has been written about large companies and branding, but for myself the question and challenge is to shape my own clients expectations for the services I offer. Am I a company, a director, a consultant, or a freelancer?

Each of those titles is a brand for an occupation. Which occupation would I most like to be associated with? Each has strengths and weaknesses as they relate to client expectations, budgets, and flexibility.

Perhaps it is best to be vague with personal branding. Perhaps it is better to let people fill in the blanks themselves.

Time to go mow the lawn again.

Flying back from Cut & Paste NY, I had some time to play a little with expressions. Everything I know I learned from Dan Ebbert… and even then I know barely anything at all. With a little trial and error though you can start to make sense of how they work, so thats how I go about it.

Looking out my window on the flight, I’m always frustrated how beautiful the world is, and how I never have my camera. Well this time I did have my camera for one leg of the flight, so I shot some clouds out the window and tried to figure out how do do something, anything, with the footage while using expressions. This little thing was the result. It mostly involved using a bunch of the Beam and Magnify plugin with the source points randomly switching between 40 different trackers at random times via expressions. Its amazing how just trying out this little exercise opens my mind up to how to use expressions in more interesting and practical ways in the future.